Saturday, 25 October 2008


For the URBAN/ECOLOGY project in Liverpool, ArtYarn propose to deliver two projects; ‘Recycled Plastic Bag Bombing’ and a ‘public knitting circle’.

‘Recycled Plastic Bag Bombing’

Artyarn will perform a series of interventions in Liverpool city centre, ‘tagging’ street furniture with pieces of knitting made from recycled plastic carrier bags.

Over several visits to Liverpool city centre ArtYarn will embark on a series of one day visits to the streets of Liverpool to collect discarded plastic carrier bags from public spaces and inner city wasteland areas.
Each bag found and retrieved from a site will be documented and mapped to draw awareness of littering of this particular material on the streets of Liverpool.

Once a sufficient amount of bags have been collected, the found bags will be cleaned and shredded to form a recycled yarn for which new art works will be made by hand knitting.

By referring back to the mapping document created on retrieval of the found plastic carrier bags, ArtYarn will replace the bags, now in a knitted art form, into the environments they were found which have the highest volume of plastic carrier bag littering and waste.

The aim of this intervention is to draw awareness to the amount of plastic carrier bag waste and littering in this city centre environment, to promote the issues of recycling this material and to create an alternate use of disposable materials in a contemporary arts and crafts context.

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